Marketing & Event Coordination

Passionate about building strong communities and interactions

I have always had a passion for business management and marketing, which I was fortunate enough to utilize for over seven years at Cutitta Chiropractic. Though I started as a simple receptionist, I was able to put my passions to work as I developed a thriving Marketing and Event Management department, more than doubling the number of new patient visits weekly within a year.

In 2019 I returned to school, to complete my Bachelors in Business Management at Point Park University, with a specialty in Sports, Arts and Entertainment management. As a die-hard hockey fan, living in Pittsburgh while the Penguins won Back-to-Back cups inspired me to reach for my own personal "Stanley Cup" - finally finishing my degree and continuing my career in Marketing and Event Coordination.

In addition to my extensive experience helping Cutitta Chiropractic grow from a single office practice to a multi-office practice, I also have enjoyed over two years at the the helm of Team Firestorm - Pittsburgh's premier Pokemon Go Social Networking group. With over 500 members, Team Firestorm has enabled a wide range of people from across Pittsburgh form lasting friendships and meet others with similar interests. As the Co-Founder and head Administrator of the group I guided us in organizing weekly events for members of our community to network.